Autumn Walks & OOTD

So as we all know - Autumn is in full swing now and I must say it is my favourite season! I love that the weather is colder and we can wear boots, woolen scarves, knit wear and of course layer our favourite piece of clothes! On Sunday My boyfriend and my Mum & Dad decided to go for a walk around our local country park and it was lovely.

What then followed were a series of photos (only taken on my phone so please excuse the quality) of our walk, including my Outfit of the day of course! I wore some new purchases including a Gilet & rust coloured roll neck jumper (From New Look) my trusted pair of black Leigh jeans (Topshop), black UGG boots (it is definitely time to get those out) and a silk scarf from River Island to just tie all the colours together.
Here are a few photos of our walk,

Came across this little wooden tee-pee! How cool         

 Just a close up of the scarf I was wearing - love all the colours in it!
 It literally goes with so many outfits.

 Little selfie with my Mum <3

 Love the colours of the leaves this time of year

Love this shot! If a little eerie.

(When you have no where to put your bag so you use a tree! in the background haha)

We had such a nice day, and I really do urge all of you to go and find your local country park as this time of year the trees are such a beautiful colour, and it is so nice to get out and get some fresh air - and a perfect excuse for a yummy Hot Chocolate after to warm yourself up!

Hope you enjoyed my first proper post in 10 months!!! I've made a promise to myself to make sure I post once a week - as I really do love writing and taking photos.

Lots of Love
Emily x


  1. awesome photos!


  2. I love Autumn walks, you got such gorgeous photos. I love your outfit, fur is my favourite around this time of year. Thanks for sharing your lovely pics, that teepee is so cool! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. Thanks Sophie..I love going for walks this time of year - you can get some great photos xxx

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's one of those scarves I bought a few years ago and still love it xx

  4. Mother and daughter-both gorgeous and so stylish!xo

  5. Autumn walks are the best ♥♥


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