Monochrome Tote Bag

So this is a quick post as I wanted to share with you a recent purchase of mine, that I think deserves to be shouted about!
As you may or may not know, I am a huge fan of Groupon - they really do have some fab deals, from spa deals to electricals to makeup! 
I saw a deal for this monochrome tote bag and loved the look of it so ordered it for an amazing £16.99!

It has since arrived and I have fallen in love with it - the quality is amazing, it feels sturdy and durable to hold and is very roomy inside. It has two zipped pockets on the inside, and a zipped pocket on the front. It also comes with an attachable strap - which I love as it can be worn on the shoulder.
I love the monochrome design too - I can't believe how similar it looks to a 'Celine' bag minus the logo (and the thousand pound price). Very happy with this purchase and can't wait to use it, it would look great in the Winter with some skinny black jeans, boots and oversized knitted jumper!

It wasn't until I looked at the tag and saw it was from a company called 'Lulu Bags' and after going on their website they do have some lovely looking bags including clutches, satchels, backpacks and plenty of tote bags! I'd urge people to head over to their website and take a look! I'm sure you'll fall in love with their bags, and I am pretty sure I'll be ordering more from them pretty soon!


Emily x

W7 'In the Buff' Palette

So for a while now I have been thinking about purchasing a nude eye shadow palette and after much thought I was still unsure as to go for the Urban Decay 'Naked 2' priced at £37.00 or the Stila 'In the light' palette at £25.00 I had heard great things on both palettes so the choice was hard. 
Then one day I was browsing through Groupon (as I normally love to scroll through the deals) and I saw an offer for a nude eye shadow palette by W7 called 'In the buff' priced at £4.99 - too good to be true I thought, a brand I have not really heard of, it won't be very good. However after some quick Googling and searching I found some reviews raving about this palette and after hearing that it is an amazing dupe for Naked 2 I instantly ordered it!

The palette itself consists of 12 neutral/nude colours with 9 of them having a slight shimmer to them and 3 matte shades. On first appearance they look very wearable and look like they'd blend well together.  
I love the neutral tones and can see it would be ideal for day wear and can even be blended to make a smokey eye.
I cant comment on weather it is a good dupe for Naked 2, as I don't own that palette, but I can say that I can't wait to experiment with this palette, you just have to read the reviews to see it is extremely popular, and at only £4.99, you can't go wrong! The swatches I made on my arm, show the colours are very pigmented and strong, there was slight fall out upon application but nothing I'd worry about when applying on my lids.

I'd advise everyone to go and get one of these palettes, I have seen them on Amazon if anyone is interested the link is Amazon - W7 In the Buff Palette so go have a look!

Who else has this palette? What do you think?

Emily x

Beautiful Blushers

I decided my next blog was going to be on blushes, I love a pink blush and I have 4 main blushes I use. I think that the swirl of some pink blusher on the apples of your cheeks finishes up any makeup look!
  • Nars in 'Orgasm'
  • NYX in 'Beach'
  • Mac in 'formal'
  • Benefit in 'Sugarbomb'

Nars in 'Orgasm' priced at £22.50
Nars is such an amazing brand which I have not long had in my makeup collection, the Nars blushes have a silky texture and are extremely buildable, this shade 'Orgasm' is a beautiful pinky peach tone with gold shimmer with in it, (the photo really doesn't do it any justice)
It is very pigmented and looks amazing on the apples of your cheeks, it is fairly bright so I wouldn't tend to wear this for day wear, more of an evening shade. I love the compact it comes in, with a little mirror on the inside - perfect for putting in your handbag for any touches on a night out.
On the NARS website it is described as a 'cult classic' and I completely agree, it is a must have blusher, and the colour is truly beautiful, as you can see I am running low so will be re-purchasing!

NYX in 'Peach' at £6.00

NYX is an amazing drugstore brand, such good quality for a fabulous price! The packaging may be a little flimsy but for £6.00 you can't go wrong, I'd advise anyone on a budget to head over to there website and take a look!
This shade looks very bright in the photo, but believe me it is such a natural pink shade that it can be easily worn day to day, you only need a small amount but it goes a long way! Ive had mine for around 4 months and its still going strong. The colour is very matte and has no shimmer which I love!

MAC blush in 'formal' at £18.00
This particular blusher came in a set I had as a gift on my Birthday. I love the blush, it is a light pink shade and is lovely for day, it is so delicate. I am keen to add more MAC blushers to my collection, the small pot they come in feels very sturdy and not at all filmsy (compared to the NYX one).
I like that it is a pale subtle colour for days when I wear a lighter more natural make up this is perfect! The colour is matte also like the NYX one! And again has lasted me brilliantly!

Benefit in 'Sugarbomb' at £23.50

I love this blush as it is a mix of 4 shades, simply swirl the brush to get a mix of the complimentary shades -  this is a lovely peach colour with a slight glittery sheen throughout, something I would wear on a night out. Another bonus is the packaging (Of course all benefit blushers come with the brush inside, which may not be the best - but it quite handy) perfect to apply more product whilst your out and about.
I like the packaging and Benefit as a brand has the cutest products! Benefit will always be a favourite of mine and I will usually have one of their products on my list at Christmas time!

Hope you enjoyed reading about my top blushers <3


Emily x

Estée Lauder Haul

I have heard great things about Estee Lauder,and after having read plenty of reviews I decided to try out some of there products for myself, and safe to say they are amazing!
Firstly the product design is beautiful and the packaging feels very luxurious and high quality - for me the packaging of a product is very important, and if it looks pretty I am drawn to it instantly - 
I decided on these 5 products to purchase and review as they all popular or new range products.
  • Double Wear - Stay in place make up £29.50
  • Double Wear - All Day Glow BB Moisture Make up £29.00
  • Double Wear - Stay in place powder make up £31.00
  • Sumptuous Infinate Mascara - New product £21.00
  • Pure Color Envy - Sculpting Lipstick in 120 'Desirable' £24.00

Double Wear Stay In Place Makeup -  (Shade 2C1 Pure Beige)
This foundation I had purchased a while ago but I felt I was incorrectly colour matched and that it looked quite pink on my skin, therfore I had not worn it in a long time. I wanted to try again with the double wear as I loved the finish, so asked a friend who works for Lauder what colour would be best for me, she advised 2C1 Pure Beige would be a good everyday match for me.
Firstly it has some big claims: (As copied from the Estee Lauder website)
This worry-free, long-wearing foundation makeup stays fresh and looks natural through heat, humidity, nonstop activity. 15-hour staying power - Flawless all day. It won't change colour, smudge or come off on clothes.
Feels lightweight and comfortable, now the flawless look you see in the morning is the look you keep all day.

I love the texture of the foundation, it feels runny and not too thick when you apply it, so I can see that it can be 100% buildable, personally I do wear a more full coverage make up purely because I feel like I suffer from redness and breakouts from time to time, I love that it is buildable so you can get achieve a 'full coverage' look, especially for a night out for instance I like my makeup to look flawless and if I layer it I can achieve a more 'airbrushed' look.
I wanted to see how long it would really last, so I decided to wear it for a day at work, I wake up and apply my makeup between 6:00-6.30am and I get home from work at 6pm so that is literally 12 hours I am wearing my make up! (wow that seems like a long time, I have never realised it was 12 hours! haha)
At 1pm (lunchtime) I noticed that my makeup looked like it had this morning when I applied it, my face looked slightly shiny but nothing a quick appliation of some powder couldnt fix.
I checked again at 4pm and was very suprised how well my make up had held up, a little bit around my nose and chin had faded and there was some shine on my forehead and cheeks but no smudging or fading - my face looked bright and clear as if I had just applied it!
At 6pm when I got home I checked my makeup and I can say that I felt it looked great considering I had been wearing it for around 12hours! I would recommend this to anyone who wants a long lasting foundation that stays put!
I am so happy with the results I feel like I want to wear it everyday! The price is not at all bad at £29.50 I will definatly be buying it again. 

Double Wear All Day Glow BB in shade 2.0
I have tried a few drugstore BB creams and have never taken to them, purely because the shade wasn't a good match or I did not like the thin watery consistency..I've always felt that the coverage on BB cremes is poor and they do not have a finish that would last all day, I was keen to try this product as it claims to last upto 8 hours. I also wanted to give BB Cremes another try as some days I really don't want to wear a full coverage make up for popping to the shops or seeing friends etc..
I loved the colour firstly, and the coverage was still very good considering it was a BB creme, my skin felt lovely and smooth once the product was on and it felt light upon application and yet still felt thick enough to cover any blemishes! It blended extremely well and quickly and I can definitely imagine using it on days when I want a lighter more summery makeup, and as an added bonus it has a high SPF!

Double Wear Stay In Place Powder Makeup in 5W1 Bronze
I wanted to try a powder that would be perfect for contouring and bronzing my face, this shade is dark enough to use to contour and very matte which I love as it gives  a more natual contoured look without the skin looking glossy, shimmery and too OTT. The matte appearance also means you can build up the product without looking unnatural.

The compact itself is stunning! It feels very durable and solid, and would fit perfectly into your handbag. Again, it is Doublewear so it claims to last 8 hours and after wearing it for work (12 hours straight) I can say that it does last incredibly well! I did not feel that I had to add or correct it all day!
I am using this powder purely as a bronzer for contouring my face and not all over, I prefer to use a translucent powder all over my makeup just to set my foundation.
I'd love to know if anyone has used this powder as a foundation or powder over the top of foundation?

Sumptuous Infinate Mascara in 01 Black
This mascara is one of Estee Lauders new products, and I was keen to try after seeing a post on Instagram of a blogger in which her lashes looked so long and thick and she had said it was down to this product!
The interesting thing is that the brush contains 2 different bristles, one side has shorter bristles that are said to 'add volume' and on the other side is an extended comb that 'styles, lengthens, fans out and finishes lashes'.
I am in love with this mascara and I have only used it twice, even my boyfriend commented on the length of my eyelashes (you know its good when your boyfriend notices ha) also it lasted all day, with no smudges! I was so impressed and I will definatly be recommending this mascara to anyone who loves thick, long dramatic lashes!

Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick in 120 'Desirable'
This is such a gorgeous rose pink colour, literally my favourite go-to lipstick shade as its so easy to wear day to day, the lipstick itself was very moisturising and creamy, the description on the website states that it:
 'Hydrates, with a Time-released Moisture Complex helps capture and seal-in hydration, it is super creamy, glides on effortlessly, covers evenly and is sensually soft and smooth, luxuriously comfortable.' 
It is very nourishing and did not dry my lips at all, it felt very moisturising for a lipstick. I would have expected it to last longer, I would say it lasted 3 hours, but I have other pink shades that have lasted longer. However I still would buy it again and I enjoy wearing it.
I have to just talk about the case of the lipstick which is so lovely, the lid is magnetic and with one click it closes, it feels very luxurious and I LOVE it!


Emily x


Recently I've been nominated for The Liebster Award by Jordan! Thanks so much, its nice to get a nomination and get noticed :)
So here are the rules...
You must answer all questions that are given to you
Must link back to the person that nominated you
Nominate 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers
Provide nominees with 11 questions of your choice
Cannot nominate the person who nominated you
Must inform nominees of your nomination
Provide nominees with a link to your post for more info
Here are the questions I was asked & My answers:
1. What has been your favourite thing about blogging? 
Well I only started my blog a few days ago & I love it, hearing others opinions and the community itself is so friendly! Love chatting to others.

2. Do you wear eyeliner? If so do you wear it with a cat flick or without?
Sadly I am terrible at eyeliner so rarely wear it, Its something I want to improve on though as I love the cat flick!

3. Whats your favourite colour eyeshadows to wear?
Copper/Golden tones

4. Whats your favourite drugstore makeup brand?
Probably Loreal, I use there true match foundation & there infallable eyeshadows which are AH-MAZING - so pigmented and gorgeous colours.

5. Who's your favourite band/singer?
I dont have one favourite, I like all sorts, from Ed Sheeran to Beyonce and Arctic Monkeys to Lady Gaga!

6. You can only wear 3 make up products on your face. What are they?
This is tough, foundation (need a good base to start with), Mascara (to enhance the size and make me look more awake lol) & probably a  light pink coloured lipstick.

7. Have you any pets?
We have a black and white cat called Sammy - Love him, even if he runs the house sometimes!

8. What products do you use for skincare?
EFFACLAR DUO! -Raved about it in my post and I pair this with a good moisturiser (Vitamin E cream by Body Shop is my favourite)

9. Whats your favourite makeup brush make?
Of course its Real Techniques - BEST EVER!

10. Do you have a favourite quote, if so what is it?
I love browsing Pinterest for quotes and phrases, found this a while ago which is nice...

Stars cant shine without darkness
11. Do you prefer to shop in the shops or online?
Lately online, so much easier, plus you don't have to deal with the crowds and even better if its free delievery!

Here are my nominations.. . . . . .Lauren , Alaina, Chantelle, Emma, Amy, 
Sam,  Klaudia, Vic, Caitlin,  Claire,   Victoria

Please answer the questions below:

1. What made you want to start your own blog?
2. What is your best beauty tip/trick ?
3. What is your favourite lip colour to wear?
4. What is your favourite alcoholic or non alcohlic drink?
5. Do you own/wear or have hair extensions?
6. Favourite drugstore brand?
7. What is your favourite perfume?
8. Describe what make up you would wear on d date (Dinner and drinks in a fancy restraunt), E.G  dark smokey eye? lots of highlighting and contouring?..
9.What colour is your bedroom decorated?
10. What was the best place you've visited on holiday?
11.Do you have any brothers or sisters?

[Haha - random questions I know] xxx


Emily x

St Tropez Mousse

Where to start with this tan...It is my FAVOURITE fake tanner to use! The colour for me is just perfect, my natural skin colour is probably light to medium and personally I love my skin to look dark (I know people that have pale skin and look beautiful but for me I just feel I suit a tan and I feel more confident with it).
You'll notice that the fake tan is a mousse and I find this the easiest consistency to apply, it doesn't streak or look blotchy and I will normally apply this after I have showered , before I go to bed  - as it needs time to develop - I use two pumps of the product and apply in circular motions starting with my arms and chest and working down my body to my legs and feet, and I find a mitt the easiest way to apply the mouse.
After application your skin will feel slightly tacky but it isn't uncomfortable and I normally try to wear longer Pyjamas in case it does transfer onto sheets (never had a problem with the tan transferring onto bedding though).
The colour upon application is very dark and has a slight green undertone to it but bear in mind that this is only a guide colour and when you wake in the morning to wash it off you'll notice the colour your left with is a beautiful natural golden shade.
If I want to look tanned for a Friday night out (for instance) I like to apply the tan on the Tuesday wash it off Wednesday morning and then apply more again on Thursday (If I want a darker tan) ready to wash off Friday.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE St Tropez and for me it is the best tanner I've ever used, the tan I use is dark (black bottle) but if you wanted a lighter end result they also sell a normal one (in a white bottle).
I feel the product is quite expensive but I am willing to pay for quality, it is priced on the St Tropez website at £33.00 for a 200ml bottle - and believe me, it will last you and a little goes a long way!
Sometimes Iv'e seen Superdrug/Boots & even Tescos have had offers on it, which I like to keep an eye out for!
For more information on the product visit the  St Tropez website.
I really want to try their new product the 'Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil' If anyone has used it, I'd love to hear what you think.

Emily x

Real Techniques

I bought my first set of Real Techniques Brushes around 2 years ago, and they've been the best make-up application tools I own! The great thing about each brush is that each one has been designed for a different purpose. Below is a list of the brushes I own (compare to photo 1, left to right)
  • Powder Brush - The largest, I use it to set my foundation with a translucent powder all over my face.
  • Blush Brush - Self explanatory (but it is super soft to use).
  • Expert Face Brush - I use this to apply liquid foundation (most used brush as it is so firm and quick)
  • Stippling Brush - Used for creating a more 'air-brushed' appearance (takes more time so I use it less regularly)
  • Foundation Brush - My least favourite, feels more like a paintbrush than a make up brush.
  • Setting Brush -  The smallest, this is perfect for applying a small amount of powder or highlighter (I mainly use it to highlight under my eyes)
So yes as you can see I love love love them! They are defiantly worth buying as the price is amazing when compared with how long they'll last you! I think I bought mine from Superdrug but they come in sets aswell, you can buy there Core Collection for £21.99 on
I feel that the brushes help make my make-up look more flawless and have a softer finish, and they are so easy to use! All you have to do is google or search on youtube and everyone loves them!

Who else uses these brushes? Let me know what you think?
Emily x