NYX: Blogger of the Month Part 2

So as you may have read I was selected by NYX as their blogger of the month for December, they sent me 4 products and this my review of the two other fab products I was sent:

-Precious Pearls nail varnish in 'Black'
-Mega Shine Lip Gloss in 'Tea Rose'

I loved both products design and packaging, very simple yet sturdy, and it would look great in any make up collection! (Not the festive Baubles in the background - feeling very Christmassy now)

Mega Shine Lip Gloss in 'Tea Rose'

Normally I do not reach for lip glosses very much, I generally prefer a matte look lip but on this occassion I had the oportunity to pick any shade form the lip gloss range, I selected Tea Rose, a  dusty pink shade.
Firstly I love the packaging and the cute bow print on the lid, I really am a sucker for pretty packaging, and this one ticks the box! It feels expensive and very durable to hold and use.
The product itself is described as 'combining high impact colors with lacquer to create unparalleled shine, it contains mineral and lanolin oils to hydrate and condition lips to protect the pout and is available in a dazzling array of shades'
I really loved the texture of the lip gloss, it applies evenly and smoothly and is not sticky or heavy on the lips, the shade is very wearable and can easily be worn alone or on top of a lipstick to add some shine. The colour is quite pigmented for a lipgloss. This mega Shine Lip Gloss really does deliver on shine, moisture and softness and gives lips a colour boost! I will definatly be purchasing more... and if you like lipglosses I urge you to check out the range!

Precious Pearls nail varnish in 'Black'

I had seen a lot of these 3D nail varnishes around - but as I have been wearing acrylic nails for quite a while now they had not appealed to me, after being sent this NYX 'Precious Pearls' I was intrigued to try it and see how it really looked.
I chose the black shade as I think it looks most sleek and would look nice for a night out. The kit comes with 2 bottles,  a black NYX nail varnish and a bottle of tiny 'pearls' (The pearl bottle also comes with a stopper to prevent you opening it up and loosing the balls all over the floor) - Another bonus the nail kit comes with a small funnel so you are able to put the 'excess' back in to the bottle.

The kit itself was easy to use, simply paint the all nails with the black polish and leave to dry, then re paint the nail you want to add the pearls to (normally the ring finger) , then sprinkle over the pearls and leave to set.

This nail look is definatly best worn for an evening or night out, as day to day wear the pearls wouldn't probably last very long.


NYX: Blogger of the Month Part 1

After being selected as "NYX Blogger of the Month" for December – I was so thrilled and excited as I am a big fan of the brand! Also it is so nice to be recognised for my blog, I have not been doing it for very long and I am already so pleased with the look/style of it (it is like my baby) also being selected as NYX Blogger of the month is a huge compliment as I am a BIG fan of the brand...so first and foremost thank you to NYX!
As a brand I think NYX have got it just right and combine high quality with affordable 'drug store' prices, I also love the simple black and white packaging which you'll find on a lot of their products.
So once I had picked the colours and shades I wanted, I was eager to receive my products.
NYX sent me 4 products in total, 2 I will review below and 2 will be reviewed in another post at a later date.

The first two products I am going to review are:
  • Smokey Eyeshadow palette
  • Glam Liner Aqua Luxe in  shade ‘Glam Nude’

Smokey Eyeshadow palette

The Smokey eye-shadow palette consists of 6 stunning shades which are all fairly dark and very pigmented, they range from light frosted shades to shades which shimmer to more matte colours.
The Palette itself is described by NYX as being 'easy to apply and blend these 6 pigment packed powders will allow you to create an array of sexy, smoldering looks' - And I have to agree with them, as you can see from my photographs you will be able to create a range of looks with these colours, by either blending a few of them together or simply using the colours alone, it is a very universal palette to have in your collection - Definatly a must have palette, and at £8.00 it is very affordable.
Link here

Glam Liner Aqua Luxe in shade ‘Glam Nude’

This Glam Liner really appealed to me, and choosing a colour was a tricky decision, as there were 9 candy coloured shades to choose from. I opted for the 'glam nude' shade (a light gold champagne colour) as I thought it would be great for Christmas to add some sparkle to my eyes.  I love the thin black packaging it does feel expensive to hold, also the wand feels sturdy and nice to hold perfect for application.
I  have had 'glitter eye liners' in the past and never been impressed, they are always watery and not long lasting, but this is very pigmented and I swatched a little on my hand and within seconds it has dried and did not smudge when I touched it the gold shimmer of glitter is very eye catching, I am very impressed with the formula too as it glides on smoothly and did not flake at all!
This colour is rich bold and has the right amount of glitter to make this perfect for Christmas parties, and at £5.50 It is a fab price and I'm sure I will be purchasing more shades.
 Link here


Emily  ♥

Love Me Beauty: November

I had to blog about my most recent products from the Love Me Beauty box for November - I am thoroughly impressed with the amount of products I received for only £10!
Below are my first impressions and thoughts on the beauty box...

When logging on to select my box I was suprised to see new brands has been added to the website, such as OPI, Max Factor, and Bourjois (to name a few) and was really suprised to find such good quality well known brands!
I selected 5 products with the tokens I had given to me:

 Bronze Buffer Self tan remover:
 As an avid fake tan wearer I was entrigued by this sponge, said to correct any fake tan mis-haps! The product came nicely presented in a bag and directions on how to use. I was also interested to read you can use this product to remove white deodorant marks from clothes!
The sponge is a nice size and I can see it will be good to use in between fingers and around hand areas to remove any streaks - I look forward to using this product.

Eco Tools Eyeshadow brush
 This brush I selected as I have not got that many eyeshadow brushes in my collection, upon arrival I was very impressed with the way it was packaged, and also the quality. The brush itself is incredibly soft and states it can be used for shading, blending and highlighting. Also for any of those beauty lovers who are keen on 'green products' this uses a recycled aluminium and bamboo, and comes presented in a reusable eco pouch! I will definately check out the brand in future!

Bourjois eyepearls mini palatte
 This is a cute little set of eye shadows, perfect for travelling or if you are away for the weekend as it is so compact and neat. Includes a nice range of colours perfect for day wear, the 5 colours are all baked eyeshadows and feel silky, they are said to be easy to bleng and have 8 hours worth of wear.
On the back there are directions on where and how to use the shades, with one to illuminate, shade, outline, shimmer and sculpt -  a nice added touch for those who are unsure where to put each colour.

Mirabella lipstick in 'Fever'
 This lipstick in shade 'Fever' is a deep red - very nice for Autumn/Winter. It is said to be a 'Rich high pigment colour that goes on smoothly and stays put with no bleeding'. I own a few products from this brand and the quality is really good. I look forward to wearing this shade.

Max factor lipgloss in ' me me me '
This Max Factor lipgloss really looks lovely with specks of gold in it, would be perfect for Christmas parties! I was suprised to see Max Factor on the website as they are a very well known brand and I normally have not heard of the brands on Love Me Beauty!
This is the perfect lipgloss to keep in your clutch for a night out as it is so compact - I can't wait to add some on top of my lipstick's for a more glam festive look!

Emily  ♥

Re-Discovered perfume : Alien by Thierry Mugler

I have recently re-discovered a love for a perfume I had bought quite a while ago, whilst having a sort through my bedroom (I hate having a clear out but it has to be done every now and then) I found an old favourite at the back of my wardrobe - ALIEN By Thierry Mugler!
And after spraying a little on my wrists I remembered why I loved the unique scent!

Firstly can we just take a moment to appreciate the bottle - it is exquisite and looks like some sort of exotic jewel! The purple and gold look amazing together and its one of the prettiest bottles I own, I felt guilty for not displaying it!

The fragrance itself is described as being 'the elixir of absolute femininity' and 'A rich floral woody amber fragrance containing jasmine sambac, cashmeran wood and white amber it is a fragrance whose magic trails awakens your emotions' - A very striking description I think you'll agree, but it is such an unusual and unique scent! It is instantly recognisable, it is warm yet sweet with a 'musky lavender' smell ( I really am no fragrance expert so bare with me) but it is certainly long lasting!

Also I  feel like this perfume is a more suited to the Winter months as it is quite heavy, something I will definitely be wearing through the months ahead - also I have found it to be super long lasting, I will be sitting at my desk and suddenly catch a smell of it!

I'd say if you are into more subtle light scents this perfume probably isn't for you as it is so powerful and long lasting but for me it is a favourite!
One other point the bottle I bought was 'refillable' making it eco-friendly!
The bottle comes in various sizes and ranges in price between £47 and £77.50! Definitely worth the money in my opinion! Below is the link if you fancy taking a look at this one of kind scent:

Emily  ♥

Pinterest Inspiration : Winter Looks

As we are all aware it is only 5 weeks until CHRISTMAS! My favourite time of year!
I (like many others) was so excited to see the John Lewis penguin advert and for me it signals that the Christmas countdown can officially begin!
To make you all feel a tad more festive here are some beautiful images I found on Pinterest
 (don't worry theres plenty more where these came from)

So with the festive period drawing nearer, we all need to start:
 A. Christmas shopping (seriously though not long now)
B. Planning our outfits and what we'll wear over the Christmas holidays

I've been on Pinterest getting some inspiration and ideas as to what make-up trends will be perfect for the Winter season, and I've found some Id like to share and hopefully inspire you like they have me!


I am loving all of these looks - they would be fabulous for any Christmas parties or even on Christmas Day if you fancy dressing up!
Loving the gold glitter to add a touch of sparkle and magic, or even add some eye liner for a striking look or perhaps create a brown smokey eye wth lashings of mascara to really open up your eyes!
I want to try to recreate this look over Christmas!


Dark berry/plum lips are bang on trend for the Winter season and I am loving them! I definatly think the more matte lipsticks look better! Just be sure to check your teeth for lipstick transfer stains!
This darker lip shades would look great with brown smokey eye and some contouring on the cheeks for extra definintion!
There are plenty of dark lip colours around at the moment both drug store and high end so get searching for your favourite, it'll see you right through the months ahead!


Love all of these shades - at the moment I have 'pointy nails' which I am loving, and I enjoy picking which shade to have next - try matching your nails to your lipstick (again stick with dark reds and berrys) or go super Christmassy and add some glitter! Stunning for Christmas

 Hope you've enjoyed reading about some of my favourie make up looks for over the Christmas Holidays! & I hope they may have inspired you start thinking about your holiday make up!
 All photos are taken from Pinterest!

                                       ♥ ♥ 

New purchases: Winter Coats!

So as we all know the weather has most definitely changed, and it is now officially Autumn Winter.
And whilst browsing on ASOS last week I came across two coats which I had to purchase to get me ready for the colder months ahead.
The first is a black faux fur style coat by New Look in Black (Link Here) which at the time was on promotion for £33.50 - sadly now gone back to full price at £44.00
And the second was a black parka by ASOS themselves (Link Here) for £55.00

Please be aware this is my first 'fashion' post - please bear with me if the photos aren't the best - I'm no model and still getting to grips with poses ha! 
But many thanks to my Sister Victoria, who took the photos for me!

New Look Black Faux Fur Coat

This coat is perfect for evening or if you are going out somewhere in the day and wanted to wear a dressier jacket. 
I teamed the coat with:
Black Leigh Jeans from Topshop
Black patterned tshirt from H&M
Black boots from MissGuided (bought last year but they still stock similar versions)

ASOS Ultimate Black hooded parka

This black parka is perfect for day to day wear, parkas are everywhere at the moment and I love this one with the fur lining, it is very warm perfect for Autumnal days out, I wore the same clothes as above and just switched the shoes to a pair of black loafers from H&M.

Hope you enjoyed my post! It is slightly embarrassing posing for photos but I did actually enjoy it with my Sister being my little photographer!
Let me know if you'd like more 'fashion' posts? Thanks guys

Emily ♥

My love for Halloween

Afternoon, so its a drizzly grey day  and I'm having a lazy Sunday, whist fighting off a headache and looking at photos of last nights Halloween party.
My friends Danielle & Cerri threw an amazing party last night at their house and I wanted to share with you my photos.
I have to say I think Halloween is my second favourite event of the year (Of course Christmas wins), but I love dressing up, applying spooky make up and celebrating with friends, it is fast becoming a tradition that we do something to celebrate All Hallows Eve - and I love it.
I decided to dress as a 'zombie/pyscho scrub nurse' and my Boyfriend Tom was a zombie/maniac Doctor.
My outfit was bought online from 'Funfancydess.com' it was a plain Nurse Outfit which I added fake blood too to make it look distressed and like I had just inflicted a lot of pain on someone - just the look I was going for! And my makeup was actually very easy to do, I used a dark red lipstick along with some dark brown and black eyeshadow shades to add shaddowing. I added small veins to my face using a small lipstick brush and the same lipstick and drew random lines over my cheeks and forehead.
(All photos are taken on my phone - Samsung galaxy)

 (My boyfriend and I striking the typical zombie nurse/doctor pose)

(Me my boyfriend, and my Sister Vick and her boyfriend Rob - The zombie bride & groom and they looked amazing)

(My Sister and I)

At our friends house, they had dressed the house up brilliantly with decorations and cob webs everywhere, it really set the scene, we played Beer pong made spooky Halloween punch with jelly snakes and I also made a Halloween quiz which was a lot of fun!
Here are some photos of their house and gazebo: 

The house looked amazing, I love the effort they went to in decorating it all.
Also all my friends all spent time and effort to dress up - I think we all looked fab! There were witches, zombies, dead prom queens, dead snow white, dead dorothy, characters from a variety of Horror films, and my friend Cerri was dressed as a sugar skull! 

(Some of these photos were taken with a Selfie stick - great for when there is a group of you!)

All in all we had a great night - I LOVE HALLOWEEN
I urge anyone to have a Halloween party you will have so much fun - its great to see your friends dressed up too!
Now I am going to start planning my outfit for next year!
Don't have nightmares

Emily ♥