NYX: Blogger of the Month Part 2

So as you may have read I was selected by NYX as their blogger of the month for December, they sent me 4 products and this my review of the two other fab products I was sent:

-Precious Pearls nail varnish in 'Black'
-Mega Shine Lip Gloss in 'Tea Rose'

I loved both products design and packaging, very simple yet sturdy, and it would look great in any make up collection! (Not the festive Baubles in the background - feeling very Christmassy now)

Mega Shine Lip Gloss in 'Tea Rose'

Normally I do not reach for lip glosses very much, I generally prefer a matte look lip but on this occassion I had the oportunity to pick any shade form the lip gloss range, I selected Tea Rose, a  dusty pink shade.
Firstly I love the packaging and the cute bow print on the lid, I really am a sucker for pretty packaging, and this one ticks the box! It feels expensive and very durable to hold and use.
The product itself is described as 'combining high impact colors with lacquer to create unparalleled shine, it contains mineral and lanolin oils to hydrate and condition lips to protect the pout and is available in a dazzling array of shades'
I really loved the texture of the lip gloss, it applies evenly and smoothly and is not sticky or heavy on the lips, the shade is very wearable and can easily be worn alone or on top of a lipstick to add some shine. The colour is quite pigmented for a lipgloss. This mega Shine Lip Gloss really does deliver on shine, moisture and softness and gives lips a colour boost! I will definatly be purchasing more... and if you like lipglosses I urge you to check out the range!

Precious Pearls nail varnish in 'Black'

I had seen a lot of these 3D nail varnishes around - but as I have been wearing acrylic nails for quite a while now they had not appealed to me, after being sent this NYX 'Precious Pearls' I was intrigued to try it and see how it really looked.
I chose the black shade as I think it looks most sleek and would look nice for a night out. The kit comes with 2 bottles,  a black NYX nail varnish and a bottle of tiny 'pearls' (The pearl bottle also comes with a stopper to prevent you opening it up and loosing the balls all over the floor) - Another bonus the nail kit comes with a small funnel so you are able to put the 'excess' back in to the bottle.

The kit itself was easy to use, simply paint the all nails with the black polish and leave to dry, then re paint the nail you want to add the pearls to (normally the ring finger) , then sprinkle over the pearls and leave to set.

This nail look is definatly best worn for an evening or night out, as day to day wear the pearls wouldn't probably last very long.


NYX: Blogger of the Month Part 1

After being selected as "NYX Blogger of the Month" for December – I was so thrilled and excited as I am a big fan of the brand! Also it is so nice to be recognised for my blog, I have not been doing it for very long and I am already so pleased with the look/style of it (it is like my baby) also being selected as NYX Blogger of the month is a huge compliment as I am a BIG fan of the brand...so first and foremost thank you to NYX!
As a brand I think NYX have got it just right and combine high quality with affordable 'drug store' prices, I also love the simple black and white packaging which you'll find on a lot of their products.
So once I had picked the colours and shades I wanted, I was eager to receive my products.
NYX sent me 4 products in total, 2 I will review below and 2 will be reviewed in another post at a later date.

The first two products I am going to review are:
  • Smokey Eyeshadow palette
  • Glam Liner Aqua Luxe in  shade ‘Glam Nude’

Smokey Eyeshadow palette

The Smokey eye-shadow palette consists of 6 stunning shades which are all fairly dark and very pigmented, they range from light frosted shades to shades which shimmer to more matte colours.
The Palette itself is described by NYX as being 'easy to apply and blend these 6 pigment packed powders will allow you to create an array of sexy, smoldering looks' - And I have to agree with them, as you can see from my photographs you will be able to create a range of looks with these colours, by either blending a few of them together or simply using the colours alone, it is a very universal palette to have in your collection - Definatly a must have palette, and at £8.00 it is very affordable.
Link here

Glam Liner Aqua Luxe in shade ‘Glam Nude’

This Glam Liner really appealed to me, and choosing a colour was a tricky decision, as there were 9 candy coloured shades to choose from. I opted for the 'glam nude' shade (a light gold champagne colour) as I thought it would be great for Christmas to add some sparkle to my eyes.  I love the thin black packaging it does feel expensive to hold, also the wand feels sturdy and nice to hold perfect for application.
I  have had 'glitter eye liners' in the past and never been impressed, they are always watery and not long lasting, but this is very pigmented and I swatched a little on my hand and within seconds it has dried and did not smudge when I touched it the gold shimmer of glitter is very eye catching, I am very impressed with the formula too as it glides on smoothly and did not flake at all!
This colour is rich bold and has the right amount of glitter to make this perfect for Christmas parties, and at £5.50 It is a fab price and I'm sure I will be purchasing more shades.
 Link here


Emily  ♥