New purchases - Rimmel

I recently was browsing through ASOS (as I do most days making various extensive wishlists) and I saw they had a sale! I headed straight to their beauty page and saw there were a lot of Rimmel products were on there and as drugstore brand I find the quality amazing value for price, so I thought I'd make a few new purchases! I decided on:

  • Rimmel Lasting finish 25 hour foundation - £5.50
  • Rimmel Exaggerate eye liner - £3.50
  • Rimmel Apocolips Matte lip velvet in shades Atomic Rose & Metoric Matte- £4.50 each
  • Rimmel Lipstick Lock - £4.99 (purchase from Superdrug)

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

This foundation appealed to me as it said to be 'the first transfer-resistant foundation that lasts up to 25 hours by Rimmel', it is important to me that my foundation is long wearing as I work long hours and can have oily skin so I like something that will not slip and slide around my face. This applies really well and blends on my face nicely, I really liked the finish too, matte and not tacky. The coverage is good too whilst still looking natural. This will definitely be my new day to day foundation, as the price is really good too!

Rimmel Exaggerate eye liner
 It still takes me a while to create the 'perfect cat flick' but I am determined to improve on it. I like the applicator on this eyeliner as it is smooth and doesn't drag. It is also waterproof therefore long lasting. It is highly pigmented, a real dark black colour. The tip is hard and doesn't wobble meaning you can create a defined flick with the point applicator.

Rimmel Apocolips in 'Atomic Rose'
Really like the formula of this lip product, it is soft and almost mousse like, although matte it doesn't dry hard or feel flaky, it stays velvetty-soft. This shade atomic rose is a lovely colour and very wearable for all skin tones, and is a pale nude(ish) pink - your lips but better kind of shade. Very nice!

Rimmel Apocolips in 'Metoric Matte'
 LOVE this shade in Metoric Matte, the perfect Autumnal shade, a dark berry/purple colour and so lovely for this time of year! Again it has staying power and a lovely formula. The applicator is ok, could be firmer and you do get a lot on the wand so I did find I had to wipe some off before applying, but super affordable so worth a buy!

 (On top is Atomic Rose and underneath is Metoric Matte)

Rimmel Lipstick lock
I heard about this product through a friend who recommended it to me, it is a colourless and transparent liquid that you apply over lipstick to set your lip colour and I have found it works really well. I apply a thin layer over dried lipstick, leave my lips apart and wait 30 seconds for the solution to dry. One thing I will point out is the smell - it is quite strong and almost smells like nail varnish which isn't pleasant but wait a few seconds and it dissapears, also there is a slight sting as you apply but nothing too uncomfortable. I would wear this on a night out if I want to ensure my lipstick colour stays - and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants lasting lipstick!

Emily ♥

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

This little product has had me intrigued for some time now, after purchasing a fab selection of make up from Estee Lauder a few months ago (which I love)  I then started to wonder what there skin care products were like.
My friend who works for the beauty brand had told me about the 'Advanced Night Repair Serum' and how great it is! So after much thought I decided to  make my purchase and go for the 30ml bottle costing £43.00 and I know it isn't cheap but literally all reviews are raving about this product!

The product itself its said to:
Address the look of all key signs of ageing with exclusive ChronoluxCB™ Technology to help skin’s natural nightly renewal. Proven in consumer testing: Lines and wrinkles appear significantly reduced. Skin feels smoother, hydrated, stronger. Looks younger, radiant, more translucent and even toned.

The packaging firstly is lovely - a dark brown bottle with gold lid detail, it feels luxurious to hold and use.
The serum itself is light, silky and completely non-greasy it basically feels amazing to apply. Using the 'pipette' to apply a few drops to my face I rubbed the product all over my face and neck on clean skin (as the instructions stated) and after application I then applied my normal moisturiser (Vitamin E night cream by Body Shop).
In the morning I certainly noticed a difference in my skin texture firstly, I had a few spots which felt smaller and my whole face felt a lot smoother and although it isn't designed to clear spots, its main feature is that it repairs skin cells, meaning it can take the irritation of a spot down and also help with blemish marks and uneven tone.

I have read so many reviews about this product and each one has positive comments -  the majority of reviews I have seen are from an older age range in particular 35 plus stating that it helps with lines, wrinkles and the look and feel of 'tired skin', however I feel that any product claimed to reduce skin aging can only be a good thing regardless of your age and surely thinking about anti anging skin care in our 20s isn't a bad thing?

I am so excited to try this product for the next month and see if there are any visible changes to my skin.

Emily xxx

Polargram - Instagram meets Polaroid!

So last Friday I heard about a website that allows you to print your instagram photos quick and simply and thought what a great idea it is, to have your much loved instagram pics in physical prints. Let's face it, having everything online can be annoying and so it's nice to have hard prints of your favourite photos. 

The website is incredibly easy to use, you use your instagram log in details and your photos are imported within seconds and then you simply select the ones you want!
The prints come in 2 shapes, a 4 inch square or 'classics' (I selected the classics - they look like polaroid prints which I preferred the look of)

The pricing I think is really good value too, you can pick from:
12 photos for £6
24 photos for £9
48 photos  for £12
I bought 48 as I thought it was better value for money.  They took 3 working days to arrive and I was really pleased with them, they arrived in a little cardboard box straight through the letterbox (and they came with a free sweet!)

The picture quality is somewhat grainy but only slightly, they look glossy and feel sturdy to hold.
The process is so easy and the hardest part was selecting which photos to have printed - I am a bit of an Instagram addict I think...who knew!?

I want to display them on a wall, and decided to make some photo bunting. I popped into my local Hobbycraft and picked up some thin white ribbon and some really cute white pegs, and simply pegged my photos to the ribbon - so simple but I think it looks really effective!

I would 100% recommend Polargram- its so easy and quick and the price is great! Definitely worth checking out. Happy instagramming guys


Emily xxx

Getting Un-Ready

Now as much as I love buying and wearing makeup, after a long day there is something truly lovely about the feel of a clean fresh face after removing it all!
The products I will talk about are all used daily as part of my evening skincare routine. I have been using all products together and have noticed an improvement in my skin texture and I also feel that I suffer less from breakouts. 
Simple Cleansing facial wipes 
I use these wipes to remove my makeup from my face & neck.  I really like these wipes as they are un-fragranced and are soft and don't feel harsh on my skin. I love the Simple range all together really, I have used their facial wash and love that it is un-perfumed as it feels really natural and is as they say 'Kind to skin'. I will continue to use these wipes and when ever I see them on offer I snap them up!
L'OrĂ©al Purifying Micellar Solution 
I started using this product early last year and I have loved it ever since, I use this cleanser after I've used the Simple facial wipes, and I was surprised how much makeup I removed with this product (even after using wipes)  I just pop a bit on a cotton pad and wipe all over, paying attention to around my eyes to remove all traces of mascara.
This product is amazing and I feel it really freshens my face, I love that it feels exactly like water with no smell and no chemicals that sting -even around my eye area.
I know that Garnier do a similar product which I've heard good things about too, and will probably try that next.

Effaclar Duo by La Roche Posay
If you've not heard about this product - where have you been? I am sure every beauty blogger knows about this little wonder product! I reviewed it more thoroughly here:La Roche Posy review 
But to summarise it a cream/serum that I apply all over my face, and I feel that it has helped with redness, my skin texture and helped unclog my pores.

Vitamin E night cream by The Body Shop 
Another product I have been using for probably a good few years, the product description says:
This rich night cream replenishes moisture levels while you sleep and:
  • Intensively hydrates
  • Works when skin is at its most receptive
  • Leaves skin soft and smooth
I love how it applies, so soft and silky and it is completely non greasy, it really leaves my skin feeling nourished and moisturised. I also have the day cream version which is not as thick, nice to wear under my makeup.


Emily xxx

NYX Matte Lipstick

Hey guys, so I am already a huge NYX fan, they make great quality makeup at amazing value too, I had seen this on there website and wanted to order them instantly, they are a range of 'matte lipsticks' and at £6.00 each I wanted to try them out. I decided on 4 shades (from left to right):

  • Bloody Mary
  • Whipped Caviar
  • Angel
  • Euro Trash

I like the simple black & white packaging however being just £6 means they are not the sturdiest and they wobble slightly when I was appying it, but the colours more than make up for the 'cheaper' packaging. Below is a mini review of each.

Bloody Mary NYX matte lipstick

This shade is beautiful, although in the photos it does look quite glossy, within minutes it dries to a nice matte finish. This is a lovely red shade with a slighty berry undertone. It is very bold and striking and makes a real statement. (Excuse my application it smudged a little on my lower lip!)

Whipped Caviar NYX matte lipstick

Love this shade, it is a natural/dark nude colour with slight pink/taupe tones. So lovely to wear day to day and just brightens your face. It looks elegant and I think very easy to wear. Beautiful!

Angel NYX matte lipstick

This is probably my favourite of the 4 shades, a bright pinky/coral shade and very wearable, it brightened my face and almost has a hint of red to it too which I love, again like all the lipsticks, it applies evenly and dries matte.

Euro Trash NYX matte lipstick
This is a brown/nude and looks darker in real life than here in the photo, it could almost be used to recreate the Kylie Jenner lip, I love this nude lipstick and can see myself wearing it a lot this Autumn/Winter. 

Overall this lipstick is extremely pigmented, applies beautifully and smoothly and long lasting, and from pure red to light nudes NYX makes this lipstick in 22 colours. I think the price is amazing and if your looking for a new lipstick to try, visit their website now: NYX Cosmetics


Emily xxx

Love Autumn!

Just a quick post as I need to share my excitement for Autumn!!! I mean I love summer and the long hot days, bbqs, flip flops and sunbathing but there is something comforting about Autumn and now it is October I feel that autumn has really arrived.

How lovely is this photo montage I found on Pinterest!?
How can you not love:

The changing colours of the leaves on the trees
Cups of hot chocolate with cream
Fluffy socks and blankets
Big jumpers and boots
Pumpkin carving
Crisp air
Cosy nights in
Baking cakes
The fact that Christmas is not too far away!!!!!
So to prep yourselves for the autumnal months ahead here are some things you can do to help with the transition. (This post also is a bit of a wishlist too - enjoy)
Makeup - Switch up your makeup to suit the autumnal months, the simplest way is probably with lip colour - stick to dark nudes, berrys, plums and burnt red shades. Here are my top 3 shades for Autumn, they are all by MAC and are all shades I wished I owned unless Santa wants to come early?
 MAC - Velvet Teddy My sister actaully owns this lipstick and she loves it, it is a nude pink/beige and is supposedly what Kylie Jenner wears to create her '90s lip look'. It looks lovely on my sister, and maybe she'll let me wear it now and again, Its a perfect Autumn nude shade.

MAC- Rebel How beautiful does this shade look, perfect for Autumn, I have seen it described as deep, fuschia berry. I would love to purchase this one and give it a go.

MAC - FrankNFurter So this collection looks amazing, it is a new 21-piece range dedicated to the cult movie 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' and this blood red lipstick is one of the stand out pieces for me. It is to be launched in the UK in time for Halloween apparantly - and if you've not seen it then check it out at MAC Cosmetics - Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection.
Nail polish - shop around for some gorgeous new colours, I have seen opi have a great collection called 'Nordic' and they have some beautiful shades in the collection, worth checking out!

Here are my favourites:
- Ice bergers and fries - A chocolate light brown shade.
- My voice is a little norse - A silver glitter polish that would look great to wear over Christmas.
- Thank glogg its Friday - A gorgeous berry/wine shade you could wear throughout Autumn/Winter.
-Viking in a vintner vonderland - A lovely deep purple shade.

They all look like beautiful shades and how brillant are the names? :) certainly on my wishlist. 
Clothes - Dig out those scarves and wooly jumpers and boots, get snugg and stay warm whilst looking cute!
In particular I am loving River Island pieces this month, they have some lovely items in stock ready for the colder months, including tartan scarves, beautiful bobble hats in a range of colours, and some gorgeous over size jumpers and knit wear!

Red tartan blanket scarf at £15.00 Perfect with jeans boots and  leather jacket.

Black Pom Pom hat at £13.00 This hat comes in 10 different colours! Looks lovely and stylish and will also keep you warm in Winter.

Grey Tunic at £40.00 Love this jumper, easy to wear with some leggings, boots and an oversized bag! Great to see you through A/W.
Candles - In the Autumn/Winter fill your home and rooms with lovely warm scents, I have a love for candles and now the nights are drawing in there is nothing better than lighting your favourite candle to fill your rooms with the smells of cinamon, spiced apple, firewood etc..
My favourite brand at the moment is a candle I spotted in Cornwall called St Eval Candle Company and they smell amazing, I have Sandalwood which is a blend of 'warm musk and woody scents' I love it as it lasts forever, burns evenly and easily fills the room with its lovely fragrance. If you love candles please check them out!
Please note, all photos are taken from the Internet/Pinterest or from the products direct website.


Emily xxx