Recently I've been nominated for The Liebster Award by Jordan! Thanks so much, its nice to get a nomination and get noticed :)
So here are the rules...
You must answer all questions that are given to you
Must link back to the person that nominated you
Nominate 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers
Provide nominees with 11 questions of your choice
Cannot nominate the person who nominated you
Must inform nominees of your nomination
Provide nominees with a link to your post for more info
Here are the questions I was asked & My answers:
1. What has been your favourite thing about blogging? 
Well I only started my blog a few days ago & I love it, hearing others opinions and the community itself is so friendly! Love chatting to others.

2. Do you wear eyeliner? If so do you wear it with a cat flick or without?
Sadly I am terrible at eyeliner so rarely wear it, Its something I want to improve on though as I love the cat flick!

3. Whats your favourite colour eyeshadows to wear?
Copper/Golden tones

4. Whats your favourite drugstore makeup brand?
Probably Loreal, I use there true match foundation & there infallable eyeshadows which are AH-MAZING - so pigmented and gorgeous colours.

5. Who's your favourite band/singer?
I dont have one favourite, I like all sorts, from Ed Sheeran to Beyonce and Arctic Monkeys to Lady Gaga!

6. You can only wear 3 make up products on your face. What are they?
This is tough, foundation (need a good base to start with), Mascara (to enhance the size and make me look more awake lol) & probably a  light pink coloured lipstick.

7. Have you any pets?
We have a black and white cat called Sammy - Love him, even if he runs the house sometimes!

8. What products do you use for skincare?
EFFACLAR DUO! -Raved about it in my post and I pair this with a good moisturiser (Vitamin E cream by Body Shop is my favourite)

9. Whats your favourite makeup brush make?
Of course its Real Techniques - BEST EVER!

10. Do you have a favourite quote, if so what is it?
I love browsing Pinterest for quotes and phrases, found this a while ago which is nice...

Stars cant shine without darkness
11. Do you prefer to shop in the shops or online?
Lately online, so much easier, plus you don't have to deal with the crowds and even better if its free delievery!

Here are my nominations.. . . . . .Lauren , Alaina, Chantelle, Emma, Amy, 
Sam,  Klaudia, Vic, Caitlin,  Claire,   Victoria

Please answer the questions below:

1. What made you want to start your own blog?
2. What is your best beauty tip/trick ?
3. What is your favourite lip colour to wear?
4. What is your favourite alcoholic or non alcohlic drink?
5. Do you own/wear or have hair extensions?
6. Favourite drugstore brand?
7. What is your favourite perfume?
8. Describe what make up you would wear on d date (Dinner and drinks in a fancy restraunt), E.G  dark smokey eye? lots of highlighting and contouring?..
9.What colour is your bedroom decorated?
10. What was the best place you've visited on holiday?
11.Do you have any brothers or sisters?

[Haha - random questions I know] xxx


Emily x


  1. I'm awful at eyeliner too, I can never make it look good! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  2. Thank you for the nomination!! Here is my response :)


  3. I have also nominated you for the Liebster Award!


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